Uber Cutting Rates on Destination Trips Affects Drivers Pay

March 18, 2019

Uber drivers use Uber Destination Filter when for example they are driving home at the end of their shift. If they don't want any more rides that may take them all over the place, they can either turn off the Uber app or set the app to destination mode. What this means is, they will only get rides that are in the same direction as their destination.

I like many Uber drivers use destination often. When you’ve driven a long day say 8+ hours and your wiped out and tired the app could easily keep you going and going. At least you know in destination mode, if there is a ride needed toward your home or destination, you have a good chance of getting it without going out of your way.

Apparently Uber for some reason doesn’t like the idea and has decided to conduct a test where they lower the amount of money drivers can make when in destination mode effective March 14th in certain markets including Philadelphia. They are also redistributing the funds to drivers who are not using destination filter.

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