Schedule Your Preferred Uber or Lyft Ride Driver In Delaware

January 7, 2018

We all love Uber and Lyft, the great on-demand ride sharing services that get you where you want to go in a snap. You launch the app, enter your trip details and within minutes a driver shows up at your location.

The only thing is, sometimes you have favorite drivers and would love to ride with them again, but you can't request them within the apps.

At Ride Sharing World we will help put you in touch with the Delaware drivers of your choice. This service has come about by our customers specifically asking if they could request us as their drivers for future rides.

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver and would like your customers to be able to connect with you via scheduled rides with you, please contact us.

This service will increase the value of your Uber or Lyft experience by letting you choose your favorite drivers and schedule them in advance of your trip. No surprises.

How Do I Schedule My Uber or Lyft Driver? 

If you would like to schedule one of our Uber or Lyft drivers, the first step is to simply fill out our Pickup Request form here. You will be asked for all your pertinent information such as:

  • Requested pickup date
  • Time and location
  • ​Drop off address
  • # of passengers
  • Contact information and any
  • Special requirements you may have
Uber Lyft Scheduled Driver request form

After your request is received by email we will review our schedule and if available, send you a confirmation. If not available we will let you know or you may be able to choose one of our other professional drivers if you want.

What Kind Of Rides Can I Schedule?

Scheduled rides are designed to be used for longer trips, like going to BWI or Philadelphia airport from Delaware. They are great for going to ball games or concerts, but should not be used for short 10-minute type rides.

How Does It Work In The Uber or Lyft App?

The day of your ride, we will contact you ahead of time to reconfirm the ride is still on and there have not been any changes.

Once we arrive at your pickup location and you are in our car, simply launch your Uber or Lyft app and request your ride as you would normally. We will be the closest driver to you, (obviously), and the Uber or Lyft ride request ping should come to us. We will accept the ride request and off we go.

Sometimes, for whatever reason when you request the ride, the app will show your ride to be assigned to another driver. When that happens, you would just cancel the ride, there is no cost to cancel, then request the ride again.

How Much Does A Scheduled Ride Cost?

To schedule an Uber or Lyft ride with one of our preferred drivers does not cost you anything more than if you requested a regular ride. There are no scheduling fees, booking fees, etc. You pay for the ride through the app as you would normally.

However, like you our time is valuable. When you scheulde a ride with us we will be there promptly and expect you to be ready on time. If for any reason you cannot start your scheduled ride within 15 minutes of our arriving, we may cancel the ride or charge a waiting fee that will need to be paid in cash.

What About Gratuities For My Uber/Lyft Driver?

Although gratuities for ride share services like Uber and Lyft are not required, they are appreciated by your drivers for doing a good job. On the other hand, if your ride share driver is not personable, if the car is not clean and if directions are not followed, it doesn't make sense to tip.

Questions Scheduling my Uber/Lyft Ride Driver

What If you have additional questions about our Uber and Lyft scheduling service or contacting your drivers? No problem at all. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. We will answer your questions promptly. You will know who your driver is, their email address as well as cell phone number.  

We look forward to providing you with professional transportation services for your next event.

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Joseph Giannotti

About the Author

Joseph Giannotti

Joseph has been a ride share driver for over a year. He enjoys meeting new people and having interesting conversations. Before moving to Delaware in 2006, he lived in Hawaii for 12 years on the island of Kauai. His goal is to bring the "aloha spirit" to his passengers and give them better service than they expect. In addition to driving, he is employed full time in the customer service industry for a major manufacturing company in Delaware.

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Michael Kletter

We had a first class ride with Joe Giannati up and back to the Eagles game yesterday. Quality driving in traffic, punctuality, pleasant conversation, and all the amenities (water, every power cable imaginable for devices) made for a stress free ride that beat driving it ourselves, hands down. Thank you, Joe!

    Joseph Giannotti

    Thanks so much for your kind words Mike. It was my please taking you’all to the game. I’m here when you need me.

Jarred & Dori

We use Joseph Giannotti on regular basis. It is always a pleasant experience and Joseph is always punctual. He is a top not notch driver and his vehicle is always clean with water available. If you need a ride Joseph is a sure bet!

Marla Norton

Joseph Gianotti drove our family to the airport on a recent trip to Europe. He was prompt, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. He had no problem loading 3 people and our baggage into his car, which is not large, but was perfectly comfortable with one bag on the back seat. On our return trip, the Lyft driver that showed up took one look at us and refused to take us, claiming we had too much luggage and did not even try to make it work. I highly recommend Joe.

    Joseph Giannotti

    Hi Marla,
    Thanks so much for your comments. I really enjoyed taking you and your family to the airport. It was fun and the conversation was great too. So sorry I was unavailable to pick you up on your return. Thanks again. Anytime you need a scheduled ride in the future, please let me know!

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