Get A Lyft Bonus As A New Driver

February 7, 2018

Lyft is a rideshare service that has become quite popular in the United States. They are looking for nerw drivers and often offer a Lyft Bonus promotion for drivers who sign up and complete a certain amount of rides within a specific time frame in many areas. Average people as well as social butterflies and everyone in between often use the service to get from point A to point B.

For those folks looking at earning some extra cash on the side or want to work their own schedule, becoming a Lyft driver is a good idea and getting a Lyft Bonus helps kick off your driving experience.

Becoming a driver with Lyft will probably meet all your needs. You can set your own hours and determine where you want to work. Plus, you may get a Lyft Driver Bonus of up to $1000. The amount of bonus and terms required to meet them vary per market.

About Lyft

The service first started in San Francisco in 2012 and gradually, they expanded their service across all 50 states. Lyft is an on-demand transportation company that works through the Lyft app. The Lyft app connects drivers to passengers who request rides in the nearby vicinity and commuters pay their fare automatically through the app.

Lyft encourages drivers and passengers alike to converse during the ride. This is done through the app wherein passengers can add personal information such as hometown, music preferences and other details in their profile page as well as passengers and drivers having a friendly conversation.

Lyft Bonus promotion

Lyft Bonus

Why Lyft

Unlike taxi cabs, Lyft is more of a peer-to-peer community building program that tries to make people smile. The community is full of awesome people and drivers alike. Through the app, it connects regular people looking to earn a side income to passengers.

Originally known for their large fuchsia pink furry moustaches seen at the front grill of the cars, this rideshare company used to encourage passengers to fist bump with their drivers at entry and sit in the front seat. The moustaches are pretty much gone nowadays, and the vehicles are easily identified by the illuminated Lyft Amp and regular signage.

Lyft is often compared to AirBnB, the peer-to-peer home rental service and Uber, the pioneer in rideshare. Although Lyft is the newer kid on the block, they are gaining marketshare.

By Praiselightmedia (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Lyft Moustache

Lyft Bonus Driver Image car with mustache By Praiselightmedia (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many drivers feel Lyft treats their drivers better, for example Lyft offered a tipping option in their apps, whereas Uber dragged their feet to make this option avilable.
The in-app tipping feature lets drivers keep 100% of the tips they earn.

How To Become a Lyft Driver

Becoming a Lyft driver can be a good source of extra income; but signing up is a bit of a  process and you must meet all the requirements to do so. You must be above 21 years and have own a smart phone (iPhone or Android) as well as an active driver’s license which has been in use for at least one year before applying.

As a part of the approval process, potential applicants will have to undergo a DMV screening as well as a national and county background check. Lyft scrutinizes these results and disqualifies those who don’t meet the requirements. You are expected to provide your Social Security Number as well.

What Is The Lyft Bonus Promotion For New Drivers?

Lyft is looking for drivers. The more drivers they have, the more customers they can serve and the more money they can make. To help get new drivers, they often run Lyft Bonus promotions in many areas. The Lyft bonus amounts can vary in different markets and at different times, however sometimes the Lyft Bonuses can be upwards of $1000! (Of course certain terms apply.)

For example, as of this writing, a new Philadelphia area driver would be eligible for a Lyft Bonus of $580. You would earn an extra $58 for every 13 rides you complete in your first 60 days up to $580.

Lyft Bonus Philadelphia $580.

Lyft Bonus $580.

To qualify for an available Lyft Bonus for new drivers promotion, referred applicants must:

  • Start a driver application by completing the basic application info on Drive with Lyft or in the app, then agree to the Lyft terms and choose 'Become a Driver.' Bonus amounts and requirements may change until this step is done.
  • Enter the  referral code  JOSEPH811476 in the ‘Promo/Referral code’ field on the first step of the application
    • If you follow this referral link, the code should be automatically entered
    • If you don't enter a code when starting your application, you won’t be eligible for this Lyft Bonus referral promotion
  • Be approved to drive within 30 days of starting an application
  • Complete the specified number of rides in the required timeframe from being approved to drive. No more than two rides with the same passenger count toward ride requirements.

Lyft Bonus Questions

If you have any questions on the Lyft Bonus promotions for new drivers, feel free to write them below. Chances are, others problably have the same questions.

best lyft bonus

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