Krooz Rideshare An Uber/Lyft Game Changer?

Krooz is a relatively new transportation network company based in Dallas, Texas. They Started application development in February 2015 and finally launched by Godwin E. Enogieru in July of 2017. The company operates via mobile applications rendering reliable, dedicated, and comfortable ride-share services. The Krooz rideshare mobile app will allow customers from United States including Hawaii and Canada to request rides, then sends the requests to Krooz partner-drivers who, using their own cars, pick up and drive riders to their preferred destination. The apps are compatible with all smartphones making the booking process fast and reliable.

Krooz offers all types of cars at your disposal. This feature lets you choose from economy cars, large SUV or vans and executive cars depending on your preference and needs including comfort level, the number of persons, and other factors.

Krooz cars

Krooz Rideshare Is Different

Many people say Uber and Lyft, the two most popular rideshare companies are pretty much the same thing or at least very similar and for the most part they are. Krooz rideshare however, the new kid on the block is different, quite different.

Core Values

For starters, KROOZ is guided by core values:

  • Integrity - Doing what is right at the right time.
  • Teamwork - Working together and enriched transparent services.
  • Accountability - Taking personal responsibility no matter what.
  • Excellence - Being your best, at all time.

Krooz Car Passenger Maximums

One of the things Krooz does different for passenger comfort, safety of drivers, vehicle maintenance, and insurance purposes, is they limit the number of passengers per ride. KROOZ sets maximum passengers per car as follows:

  • Regular/economy cars - Maximum passengers 2
  • Large/SUV or vans - Maximum passengers 4 and in the
  • VIP executive cars - the maximum is 3 passengers per ride

Now lets jump in and take a look at the pros and cons from the passengers perspective, then the drivers perspective. 

Krooz Rideshare Passenger Pros

1. Safety - Krooz rideshare is designed to bring maximum safety to the users, You have the option to include contact details of your close friends and family who have the ability to track your ride progress and get SMS notifications upon a safe arrival to your preferred destination. 

2. No Surge Pricing - Unlike the competition, Krooz doesn't increase fare prices when the demand for rides is high. They don’t believe you should be charged more and that surge pricing is basically a ripoff.

3. Stop and Wait - Krooz understands that getting a ride isn't always from point A to point B. You may need to make a stop along the way. Your Krooz driver will stop at your request and wait for you.

4. Passenger Maximum - You won't be cramed in the car like sardines.

5. No Sharing The Ride With Strangers - When you share a ride with passengers of the other ride share companies, you never know who else is going to be in the car with you. It's not always a pleasant experience.

6. Good Service - Krooz tends to pay drivers more than Uber or Lyft without any hidden deductions. Higher pay means happier drivers. People who are happy at what they do, often perform better than those who aren't.

Krooz Rideshare Passenger Cons

1. New Kid On The Block - Because Krooz is a new rideshare company, they are not as popular yet as the big boys. This means there may not be drivers yet in your area, although that could change soon.

2. No Background Criminal Checks - KROOZ does not run background criminal checks. However, they are registered with to run MVR and employment verification. They manually vet drivers before approval.

3. Cancellation Fee - Unlike Uber and Lyft, once a Krooz driver is dispatched per your ride request you will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel at any time. This can easily be avoided by making sure you are ready for your ride and not cancelling!

Krooz Rideshare Driver Pros

There are a lot of pros for Krooz drivers including higher pay, cancellation fees, passenger limits and more.

1. Higher Pay - Krooz pays you 85% of the ride to help you cover your expenses as opposed to only 75% paid by Uber and Lyft.

  • Base Compensation - 80​​​​%
  • Fuel Compensation - 2% bonus pay towards drivers fuel
  • Vehicle Insurance - 1% bonus pay towards driver vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle Maintenance - 1% bonus pay towards vehicle maintenance
  • Empty Drive -1% bonus pay towards empty ride to pickup rider 

2. Passenger Limit - Less passengers per means less wear and tear, less hassles.

3. Cancellation Fees - Uber and Lyft make it too easy for customers to cancel while you are enroute to them without any repercussions. As soon as you accept a ride, if they cancel you get compensated.

4. Stop and Wait Fees - You get paid while waiting for the customer at a stop during the ride.

5. New Driver Referrals - When you're a driver and you refer new drivers to the Krooz platform you earn $150 after the new driver has completed 150 trips.



6. No Transaction Fees - You get paid daily into your account bank account with no transaction fees.

7. In App Tipping - Customers can tip within the Krooz app and you keep 100%

8. Profit Sharing - Krooz will offer 20% net profit sharing to all drivers in December 2018. This means 20% of the net profit will be distributed among all active drivers that worked with Krooz. Krooz will be the first TNC company to share its profit with drivers; each driver will receive a bonus check by December, the amount received will be determine by how many trips the driver drove during the year. This is incredible.

Krooz Profit Sharing

Krooz Offers Profit Sharing!

Krooz Rideshare Driver Cons

1. No Surge Pricing - Although you may have benefitted from Surge Pricing in the past. It doesn’t exist at Krooz.

2. Lost/Return Item/Damage Fees - KROOZ does not have lost item or return fees implemented yet. They expect to implement return fees in the future to help recoup the driverse time in returning any item if needed as well as damage fees if a customer gets sick in your car or causes damage.

3. Insurance - Presently Krooz does not offer insurance but are negotiating commercial auto liability and uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage up to $1 million per occurrence. Liability limits ($50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident/$30,000 property damage rider/driver insurance packages with an insurance company.

Krooz Referal Code 24820d74

To get started with Krooz as a new driver, use referal code 24820d74.
Download the app from the app store or Google Play

Although Krooz is a young company and still needs to finalize some important aspects of their business model, you have to give them credit for the innovations they are offering especially the profit sharing. I am looking forward to driving for them and seeing them expand as a major player in the rideshare marketplace.

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