Krooz Rideshare Coming To Hawaii!

Krooz Rideshare is coming to Hawaii and needs drivers to fill the anticipated demand.
If you are a rideshare driver for Uber or Lyft and are looking for an alternative, or if you are considering becoming a rideshare driver for the first time, check out Krooz.

New Driver Meet and Greet

Krooz is holding a new driver meet and greet on May 28th and 29th at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani at 120 Kaiulani Avenune in Honolulu from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The Krooz Difference

What makes Krooz different from Uber and Lyft?
Krooz is bringing the aloha spirit to drivers in Hawaii with lots of pros including higher pay, cancellation fees, passenger limits and more.

Benefits of a Krooz Driver

1. Higher Pay - Krooz pays you 85% of the ride to help you cover your expenses as opposed to only 75% paid by Uber and Lyft.

  • Base Compensation - 80​​​​%
  • Fuel Compensation - 2% bonus pay towards drivers fuel
  • Vehicle Insurance - 1% bonus pay towards driver vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle Maintenance - 1% bonus pay towards vehicle maintenance
  • Empty Drive -1% bonus pay towards empty ride to pickup rider 

2. Passenger Limit - Less passengers per means less wear and tear, less hassles.

3. Cancellation Fees - Uber and Lyft make it too easy for customers to cancel while you are enroute to them without any repercussions. As soon as you accept a ride, if they cancel you get compensated.

4. Stop and Wait Fees - You get paid while waiting for the customer at a stop during the ride.

5. New Driver Referrals - When you're a driver and you refer new drivers to the Krooz platform you earn $150 after the new driver has completed 150 trips.

6. No Transaction Fees - You get paid daily into your account bank account with no transaction fees.

7. In App Tipping - Customers can tip within the Krooz app and you keep 100%

8. Profit Sharing - Krooz will offer 20% net profit sharing to all drivers in December 2018. This means 20% of the net profit will be distributed among all active drivers that worked with Krooz. Krooz will be the first TNC company to share its profit with drivers; each driver will receive a bonus check by December, the amount received will be determine by how many trips the driver drove during the year. This is incredible.

What Makes Krooz Different For Passengers?

No Surge Pricing - Unlike the competition, Krooz doesn't increase fare prices when the demand for rides is high. They don’t believe passengers should be charged more and that surge pricing is basically a ripoff. This feature alone wins over many passengers.

Come To The Meet And Greet

You are invited to come to the meet and greet later this month. Meet the staff and get all your questions answered. You can sign up on the spot or if you prefer:

  • Visit to learn more
  • Download the app on Google Play or Apple Store
  • Enter code 24820d74

Krooz is opening up on Oahu first and will expand later to the other islands. Don't just drive, drive with Krooz!

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Joseph Giannotti

About the Author

Joseph Giannotti

Joseph has been a ride share driver for over a year. He enjoys meeting new people and having interesting conversations. Before moving to Delaware in 2006, he lived in Hawaii for 12 years on the island of Kauai. His goal is to bring the "aloha spirit" to his passengers and give them better service than they expect. In addition to driving, he is employed full time in the customer service industry for a major manufacturing company in Delaware.

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