Krooz Rideshare App Upgrade

December 20, 2018

New rideshare contender Krooz, an innovative transportation network company based in Dallas, Texas recently upgraded their smartphone app to version 2.0. The latest version of the Krooz app has more features which helps make the ride better for both passengers and drivers in their rideshare community and also offers hot-shot delivery service as well.

The company operates via mobile apps rendering reliable, dedicated, and comfortable ride-share and delivery services. The Krooz rideshare mobile app allows customers from United States including Hawaii and Canada to book a ride and delivery pickup with Krooz.

Krooz Customer App Features and Instructions

So what exactly is new with Krooz?

Krooz Tag - This feature is unique to Krooz and is my favorite. Unlike other rideshare companies, Krooz customers can now TAG his or her favorite driver. What does this mean?

We all know that different drivers may provide different levels of service than others, they may offer more amenities like water, charging cords, tissues etc., or just be more friendly. Once you ride with a particular driver you like, TAG them in the app as a favorite.

In the future when you need a ride the request goes to the TAGGED driver first. If they are available, they will get the alert on their app and will be your driver for your new ride. Tag as many drivers as you want.

request rideshare driver krooz tag

Friends & Family Follow — When a ride request has been initiated by the rider, this Krooz  feature lets the passenger add contacts from their phone. Text messages are sent to the contacts when the rider begins their ride and arrives at their destination. This is a great feature for emergency and security purposes to make sure your loved one made it home ok.

Lost Items - If something is left behind in a Krooz ride, simply contact Krooz support team via message or call. They will do their best to connect the driver and the customer together. Typically drivers will ask customers if they have all their item before exiting the vehicle to help prevent having to return an item later to customer. Obviously if you leave something in a Krooz car and request the driver return it to you, please tip your driver for their trouble.

Krooz Delivery - Not just for passengers. In addition to rides, you have the option of using Krooz as a pickup and delivery service. For example, Krooz could be used for:

Food and Restaurant delivery - When you’re hungry and don’t want to go out, order your food from home and then book Krooz to get it for you.

krooz rideshare food and package delivery

Parts Delivery - Say you have a service business like HVAC, plumbing, contracting, etc. Your technician is out in the field at your customers home or place of business and realize they need a particular part or tool. Rather than have them leave the job to return to the shop, pick up the part and then drive back to the job. It is more cost effective and easier, just to have the part Kroozed to them.

Office supplies to gift baskets - Say you need office supplies right now, don’t sweat it. Order your supplies over the phone and Krooz will pick them up for you. A friend, coworker or relative is having a special occasion? Order them a gift basket at your favorite gift store and have Krooz pick it up and get it there in a jiffy.

Medical supplies - Recently my wife was in the ER room of a hospital. They wanted to perform a procedure but realized they needed a backup part for the procedure on hand in case the first one had an issue. They sent a nurse to drive in the dark at 3:00am to go pick up the component at their sister hospital 13 miles away. Not only did it take a nurse off the floor to play delivery boy running an errand, it was a complete waste of time. They could have booked Krooz to pick it up.

Krooz Driver Features and Instuctions

  • Krooz Panic Button - In the event of an emergency during a ride, the Krooz SOS Panic Button can be pushed by either the passenger or the driver.

    When this button is depressed, a call to 911 is automatically initiated. It adds to the peace of mind for both passenger and driver.

    The Panic Button is located on the screen when a ride is active in both customers and drivers app. As the ride is in progress you will see the panic button overlap the bottom right hand side of the map screen as shown here.
krooz rideshare 911 panic button

Rideshare Driver Complaints

One of the biggest rideshare driver complaints from the drivers, who are all independent and responsible for their expenses, don't make enough money.

Krooz has the driver in mind by offering them 85% of the ride to help cover expenses. They provide in-app tipping, (something Uber dragged their feet with). They limit the number of passengers per vehicle, which helps cut down on wear and tear and have cancellation and stop & wait fees. On top of that, they are the only rideshare company to date to have profit sharing. Krooz offers 20% net profit sharing to all drivers.

It stands to reason that rideshare drivers who earn more money are happier and would provide a higher degree of service.

Rideshare Passenger Complaints

As for rideshare passengers, one of their biggest complaints is the surge pricing. When there is more demand in an area, other rideshare companies charge more sometimes 2, 3, 4 times as much or more for a fare. Krooz believes this is a ripoff and support their customers by not gouging them in these instances. They don't charge surge pricing, ever.

Krooz Drivers Wanted

Krooz rideshare operates througout USA and Canada and are looking for quality, professional rideshare drivers. Read the article Krooz Rideshare and Uber/Lyft Game changer for more information.

Make sure you meet the Krooz rideshare driver requirements including:
You must be 18 years of age or older.
 You must have 1 year driving experience. If the driver has recently moved from another state a multi-state MVR report may be pulled.
 You must have in-state car insurance in your name.
 You must have in-state active driver license.
 You must have a social security number for employment verification as required by the law.
 You must input all fields when signing up as new driver which include your SSN, DOB, Address, etc. All fields on the application are required.
 You must upload your recent personal photo showing the face when signing up as new driver. Photo is required.
 You must upload vehicle photos showing the front side, back side, driver side and passenger side of your car. The four vehicle photos are required.

Is It Time To Krooz?

if you're sick of surge pricing and like the features Krooz offers, maybe it's time to take a Krooz for your next ride. When signing up for Krooz, please use referral code 24820D74 which helps us here at Ride Sharing World get credit. Thanks!

Learn More At Krooz

krooz rideshare app

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