KnoCard – My 2018 KnoCard Review

KnoCard is amazing. This review explains what KnoCard is and how it will help promote your business like no other method period. It doesn't matter what industry or profession you are in, whether rideshare, sales, real estate, home-based business networking, etc. It's a unique way to let you and your business shine and it's way cool! 

KnoCard is Virtual Business

In this KnoCard review you'll see that it is basically a digital business card and replaces your outdated paper business cards. In the world of technology, KnoCards are actually a much better version of traditional business cards and have a lot of updated features. KnoCards are the best tool for spreading awareness about any business and can easily be shared.

Traditional paper cards cannot hold a candle to the digital alterntative of KnoCard. These cards act as an incredible communication tool and provide all your pertinent information in one easy compact location, your prospects phone!

What actually is KnoCard and how can this referral tool benefit you? In the video below, Rob Pickering gives a little background and introduces the concept. He discusses traditional business cards and how KnoCard will provide your business with so much more value than you could imagine.

KnoCard girl

Girl using KnoCard

Business Card Toothpick

Is your business card a toothpick?

Don't get me wrong. Business cards can look good, they've been used quite a long time and have had a place in business history. However all is not well in River City. Let's review some of the drawbacks:

You can't use a KnoCard as a toothpick!

  • Paper - Business cards are paper. They get lost, misplaced, thrown away or end up in a washing machine.
  • Limited Info - There is only so much info you can put on a business card.
  • Inflexible - Once you decide what goes on a business card, you can't change it.
  • Homeless - Where do you keep the darn things, in your pocket, wallet, purse, drawer? Are your cards stuffed in a rarely used drawer like mine are?
  • Undependable - What are the odds, your card will be in the hands of the prospect when needed?

OK, let's turn away from business cards and get back to the KnoCard review.

KnoCard Features

  • Digital -  Knocards are digital. They can't get lost or destroyed.
  • Extensive Info - A lot more than just your name, phone number, web address and email.
  • Flexible Design - You can change the design, colors, etc. You're not locked in.
  • They Have A Home - That home is on your prospects phone, it's with them all the time!
  • Easily Sharable - Click the share button, enter contact name & phone number and poof!
  • Photos - You can easily link to a photo site like Instagram and share your pictures.
  • Not An App - A long time ago it used to be an app but there were limitations.
  • Affordable - The basic KnoCard (Express) is only $20., The Alpha is $70. which includes more features like videos, interests, external links and more. The best option is the Brand Hero at $249. which has all the best features and lets you earn income by sharing KnoCard with others if you so choose. No obligation here, but it most likely will be an additonal income stream for you because many people will want one just from seeing yours. Certain restrictions and requirements apply.
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Contents of a KnoCard:

  1. About me: Many people want to know a few things about the businessperson before doing business with them. The “About Me” section of a KnoCard is a very interesting one and allows owners to pen down everything about yourselve that your customers need to know. This page makes the very first impression and is a basic introduction section for everyone. You can add a good profile picture here too. Basic details regarding the business are also mentioned here. 
  1. Video gallery: A video gallery is a major part of a KnoCard (Alpha and Hero). Here, you can share your own videos and corporate videos. Moreover, you can share other public videos as well if you wish. All these videos can be directly viewed from within the KnoCard itself. This part of KnoCard helps you convey your products, service, personality, viewpoint etc. to help inform your customer and win them over. 

Videos in Knocard

  1. Contact: This is the most important part of any business card, a printed one as well as a KnoCard. The business contact information is clearly displayed in this section including the phone numbers and email address. There are also easy options like click to call, click to text and click to email. The business address is integrated with Google Maps. This will help bring customers right to your business doorstep.
  1. Business page: This section of the KnoCard can be used for many purposes. The business page includes a banner photo. It can be used to highlight products, services, prices, testimonials, etc. and there are five external links you can use.

Sharing: Sharing your KnoCard and referring others is quick and easy. Anyone who has your KnoCard can share it with someone else which would make a nice referral for you. The recipient instantly gets the message regarding the KnoCard with its link by text.

6. Please note, not all features mentioned here are available with all levels, click the button below which will take you to the buy now page, it lists the levels, features and pricing. 

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KnoCard Shout

KnoCard shout is optional. It's a contact manager and lead generation tool that gives you an advantage over your competition who are not using it.

It integrates with KnoCard. You can send text messages to groups and prospects quickly and easily. Shout collects and provides data for you. There are monthly plans that you choose based on your needs.

KnoCard Review Summary

I am really excited about KnoCard. It provides anyone in business, anyone, no matter what business they are in, a vehicle to drive more customers to them. More customers = more money and more business. It is a great tool that is easy and fast to setup. The website is intuitive and customer support is strong. (Trust me on this one, I had a ton of questions and emailed them a lot!)

One of the features I really love about KnoCard is the fact that once you send your KnoCard to a prospect or customer it remains on their cell phone. Your information is with them all the time. Anytime they need you, have a question or want to refer you, they can do so easily with a couple of clicks. KnoCard has a nice clean interface which is customizable including fonts, colors and images. I like that they offer an affiliate program where you can earn money by referring others. When your notecard is shared with others, many of them will want one and ask you how to get it, a no-brainer.

Product Value Vs. Cost

Product value vs cost - The cost of a basic card is a one-time fee of $20. $20? That's less than paper business cards. However, most people will probably want to go with the Alpha, middle level because it has more features. A one-time cost of $50, this is a good value too because it won't be an expense it will be a tool that will more than pay for itself.

There's different optional addons like KnoCard Shout which lets you run campaingns with text blasts or announcements to your prospects and customers. 

KnoCard Brand Heros are those who choose to market KnoCard, like myself.

I totally love KnoCard and have big plans for promoting it. I am using it to promote this ridesharing blog, driving opportunities, scheduled Uber/Lyft rides and more. You can see my personal KnoCard in action by clicking on the image or going to 
They also offer a 14-day money back guarantee so there's no risk.

2 thumbs up! 

Joseph's KnoCard
Get your own KnoCard Now!

Note: Not all features are available at all levels. Information was accurate to the best of our knowledge at date of posting. Plans and pricing are subject to change without notice. Visit KnoCard for the most up to date info.

Women looking at KnoCard

KnoCard Update 4/1/18

KnoCard Update!

The good folks at KnoCard corporate are upgrading their site to provide enhancements, easier navigation and quicker load times. 

Please be patient during the makeover. In the meantime you can cliick on my KnoCard to see it in action.

If you want to see what your personal KnoCard would look like, send me your info including: name, business name, email, web address, images, social media links, etc. I will create a custom mock up for you to review at no charge.

There's also more information you can read at 

What are your thoughts on KnoCard? Scroll down and let us know!

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Joseph Giannotti

Joseph has been a ride share driver for over a year. He enjoys meeting new people and having interesting conversations. Before moving to Delaware in 2006, he lived in Hawaii for 12 years on the island of Kauai. His goal is to bring the "aloha spirit" to his passengers and give them better service than they expect. In addition to driving, he is employed full time in the customer service industry for a major manufacturing company in Delaware.

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[…] KnoCard is amazing. This review explains what KnoCard is and how it will help promote your business like no other method, period. It doesn’t matter what industry or profession you are in, whether rideshare, sales, real estate, home-based business networking, etc. It’s a unique way to let you and your business shine and it’s way cool! […]

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