GoGoGrandparent Service is Uber and Lyft for Seniors

Although there are seniors and elderly who have no problem using rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, there are others who could certainly benefit from rideshare but have problems with it. GoGoGrandparent service helps address this.

Many of our seniors find it difficult to get around, yet like all of us, have places they need to be. Some of the issues they could have with Uber and Lyft would be:

  • Not Tech Savy - Many seniors have a challenge understanding new technology. 
  • frown-o
    Patience - It takes a certain amount of patience for older adults to learn smart phones and the apps, including Uber and Lyft.
  •  Overwhelming - The idea of a smart phone with a myriad of features seems or can be overwhelming.
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Many seniors can benefit from GoGoGrandparent.com

GoGoGrandparent Solution

While Uber, Lyft and Taxi apps with their maps, trackers, ratings, etc., may make it complicated for an older person to make a booking, GoGoGrandparent service comes in and offers a rideshare solution that is dedicated to help our elders.

The idea is to ensure better care for them by providing a customized, simple and easy car service. They don’t have to remain stuck indoors even when they want to go out. The philosophy on which GoGoGrandparent rideshare service operates is they believe in creating a service through which one can truly help take care of our elders better.

GoGoGrandparent Easy Registration

It is very simple to register at GoGoGrandparent.com and in fact, it couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is make a call to their toll-free number: 

1 (855) GOGO-USA/1 (855) 464-6872

There is always someone there thanking you for calling GoGoGrandparent service and ready to help. Once you call you can either book a ride which is very smooth or if you haven’t registered already, you can also get assistance in registering with them.

For registration, you just have to click on the sign-up button on the top right corner of their website at GoGoGrandparent.com. Thereafter, you’re taken to a very simple and an easy 3 step registration page where you start by sharing the name of the person who would be riding with the GoGoGrandparent service.

gogograndparent registration

After providing your contact and address details, you'll also be asked to give instructions regarding your home pick up. Thereafter you proceed to the next step where you share a family member’s contact. Once done, the next step is to let them know your billing address, and you’re all good to go on a GoGo Grandparent ride.

Booking A Ride With GoGoGrandparent Rideshare Service

Booking a ride with GoGoGrandparent rideshare service is easier for elders as they do not have to go through an intricate and complex booking process. In fact, it is as simple as merely pressing a button. All they need to do when they want to book a ride is to make a phone call to the toll-free number and respond to the prompts by pressing numbers from 1 to 5 and zero. (Of course they must have a push button and not rotary phone to do this!)

Each number has a specific function and is fixed. For example, to get a ride from their home address, they would press the number 1.

By pressing 2, the car is sent to the place where they were dropped off last, and by pressing the numbers 3, 4, and 5, they can get a custom location. Once you get registered with them, you will then need to set up custom locations. In case they need to speak with a representative for further queries or information, zero is the button to press. With just 5 options and a customized service booking, it is relatively simple and hassle free with GoGograndparent.com

Customised And Exclusive Features

Custom Pickups - More locations can be added to the touch-tone menu. There is no need to mention the address each time one wants a ride. With seniors having their fixed places where they go regularly, this is a great feature where all you need to remember is the number and its done.

Scheduled Pickups - The next one is the scheduled services feature where one can set automatic or repeated rides for a fixed purpose or time. Many seniors have their appointments with their physicians and often have a fixed checkup or medical schedule with their doctors. They can get a hassle-free ride each time without having to bother with making individual bookings for each trip.

Voice Command - The exclusive voice command feature lets them just say three words according to what they want - “Home’, “Operator” or “ Last location”.  With ’home’’ your grandparents get a ride from their home, by saying, ’operator’’, they get connected to an operator and with ’last location’’, the car comes to pick them up from their last dropped location. These features are simple to use and there are no complex mobile operations required. 

GoGoGrandparent Service Keeps You Informed

One of the best features from this car service you could say is their “Family Updates.” Right from the moment your parent or grandparents request a ride and get into the Lyft or Uber, to the time they are safely dropped to their location, the family members get updates sent to their phones. It helps take away some of the worry about what’s happening or the whereabouts of their parents or grandparents. GoGoGrandparent service can text a GoGograndchild anytime with questions and stay connected. This helps prrovide security to for grandparents. The drivers and all the operators are trained to take care of the needs of older people.


GoGoGrandparent sends family updates

Our elderly often find it very difficult to get out, have a normal life and socialize with their friends and relatives, mostly because there have been a lot of technological developments that they can not easily keep pace with while not being able to drive. This customized service removes the hassles, it's dedication to grandparents is definitely a great way to let them get out and about to where they want with added security and flexibility.

The features already listed and those coming up are truly helpful to let your grandparents have safe and secure Uber and Lyft rides whenever and wherever they want. When you listen to the testimonials from the GoGoGrandparents you’ll come across such inspiring experiences that you, yourself may want to set up an account for your parents at GoGoGrandparent!

Although Ride Sharing World offers local scheduled rides which includes rides for seniors, our schedule availability is limited and you need a smart phone. The GoGoGranparent rideshare service is not only able to provide specialized service for those without smartphones, they offer so many features for seniors and the elderly, it's a no-brainer.

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