Easy Way To Save Money On Gas

Gas, a necessary evil. Until the day comes when electric cars are the norm, cars are powered by lithium crystals from Star Trek, some clean fuel or maybe even water, (I wish) we're stuck having to deal with gasoline to power our vehicles. A non-renewable, expensive resource that we are simply stuck with for now. Gas burning cars cause pollution and as consumers, we have to pay whatever the market prices dictate.

I don't know about you, but when I get gas, I look at all the prices of the nearby stations and drive to the one that has the lowest prices. My car needs gas, it doesn't care if it's from Shell, BP, Exxon or wherever. In addition to buying gas for personal use, I drive a lot of miles for Uber and Lyft. It goes without saying, I want to keep my expenses down as much as possible and gas is one of my biggest ongoing expenses.

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Gas Buddy

I've been actively looking for a way to save money at the gas stations and came across an app called GasBuddy.

They said you can save 15 cents a gallon on your first fillup and then 5 cents a gallon on subseqent fillups.

OK, that sounds good. I like saving money. But what is GasBuddy and how is the GasBuddy app going to save me money on my gas purchases?

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GasBuddy App Shows Lowest Prices

The gas buddy app shows the lowest prices around you or gas prices in any zip code.

The app is social, meaning that app users submit prices. Users can earn points by submitting gas prices but that is not a requirement. You can enter to win free gas cards and use points to enter.

In the app you can view gas transactions, manage your account, view your points, enter to win gas cards and refer others.

gasbuddy app lowest prices

Paying for gas with GasBuddy is a unique gas savings program which provides U.S. drivers a discount on every gallon of gas they pump into their cars, trucks, vans, etc. The GasBuddy program is free to join and will save drivers 15 cents per gallon off their first purchase and then 5 cents off every subsequent fuel purchase. Pay with GasBuddy works at gas stations throughout the nation, is completely secure and no credit card application is required. You link your bank account with your GasBuddy card and when you use the GasBuddy card it acts like your regular bank debit card, with one difference, you save money on every gallon you purchase!

Consumers looking to save on every gallon of gas can enroll in the free Pay with GasBuddy program following these simple steps.

1. Visit GasBuddy, or download the free GasBuddy smartphone app and click on the wallet icon to sign up, use referral code EE66MA4

join gas buddy

2. Sign up by connecting a valid checking account to Pay with GasBuddy. 

3. When you receive your GasBuddy card in the mail, activate it by setting up a unique Driver ID in the GasBuddy app. Your GasBuddy card is now ready to use.

4. Swipe your GasBuddy card at the gas pump as you would any other plastic form of payment. Your unique Driver ID makes using Pay with GasBuddy even more secure than a credit card.

5. By using GasBuddy, you will save 15 cents per gallon off of your first fill up and five cents on every gallon thereafter.

Just like your bank card, you will need to assign a 4-digit pin. When you purchase gas on the first few fillups, you may be asked to enter your car's mileage. You won't see the discounted price at the pump or your gas receipt, however you will receive an email with the details and the discount will be reflected in your bank account.

Gas buddy is one of the easiest ways to save money on gas. They also have a "refer a friend" program where they will give you a referral code. If your friends use this code during enrollment for Pay With GasBuddy, (mine is EE66MA4), once they make their first purchase using the card, you receive an additional 10¢/gallon discount, bringing your next transaction to a total savings of 15¢/gallon.

10 Additonal Ways To Save Money on Gas

Easy Way To Save Money On Gas

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