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About 12 years ago I moved to Delaware from the island of Kauai in Hawaii where I resided with my family for 12 years.My goal is to bring the "aloha spirit" to all my interactions, especially ride sharing. When I have a passenger in my car, they are not just a customer, they are treated as good friends. I listen and engage in conversations that are enjoyable on both sides (hopefully!)‚ÄčOf course, if my passengers prefer to stay on their phone catching up on social media, they are welcome to do so, without interruptions.

My passengers are offered complimentary bottled water, charging ports for their cell phones as well as an auxillary cord if they would like to play their music from their cell phone through my sound system. Also available are tissues, lint roller, pen and paper and a magazine or two. If they have a laptop or other electrical device they can plug into an AC adapter which provides electricity.

I love going above and beyond for the passenger and sharing stories if they're so inclined. "My ride sharing world" offers alot more services than expected. My new passion is helping others succeed with their own KnoCard.

Lyft and Uber driver Joseph

Joseph Giannotti

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